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Armenian Identity Preserved Through Books

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This is an exhibit of books preserved throughout Armenian history. Included in this exhibit are books from Harry Mazadoorian, George Aghjayan, Ruth Alumbaugh-Hartunian, and Matt Natcharian. Each of these individuals are a part of the Armenian community in Connecticut, and assisted the University of Connecticut's Human Archives I class with documenting their families' stories as they pertain to Armenia and the Armenian genocide. 

Along with several other artifacts and photographs, these Armenian community members came in with several books to discuss in interviews. Showcasing the books in this exhibit is extremely important because they teach the individuals about their Armenian history, as well as others who go to learn about Armenia and life before or during the genocide. The exhibit of books not only encompasses information alluding to family members of these interviewees, but also a greater sphere of many Armenians who don't have family members present to tell their stories. 

As time goes on, books are the only thing that remain true and constant. We can rely on them to tell the same story over and over for the people and areas depicted in their pages, long after they have passed on and those villages have been rebuilt. The significance these books have for those who shared them is contagious, and will hopefully be felt by viewers of this exhibit as well.

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